New Moon Offering

New Moon Offering

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Our New Moon Offerings will be open for this upcoming New Moon in Leo on July 28th.

This New Moon will be an excellent time to ignite our passions, start new chapters and go after the things that bring us excitement and joy! This will be great for anyone looking to bring in fresh and exciting energy into this Leo season. 

How does this offering work?

I will be holding a group service on the night of July 28th for the New Moon in Leo.

Each petition comes with:

- 1 altar candle that will be dressed specially for the New Moon that I will be burning on my altar (these will not be sold in the shop).

1 card Tarot pull during the session I will be pulling 1 card per person and relaying any channeled messages that come thru during the reading. 

- A written request on your behalf for this petition. What are you wanting to gain from this? Please enter your request at check out in the notes section, I ask that you keep this short and simple- 1 sentence long please. For Example - "I would like to find my passion again through my work" or "I ask for my energy and path to be cleared for this next chapter Im beginning". You can ask for anything! These are just ideas :)

Please note it will take me a day or 2 to get back to you with your card and messages. I will also be sharing photos of the session. 

Space is limited on my altar!

I'll be accepting submissions up until Thursday 7/28 7pm PST