About Us

Shadowplay Collective was born from the darkness. During a deeply transformative time for not just myself personally, but the world alike- I wanted to create something beautiful and meaningful that would keep help keep our energies and vibration high. Shadowplay Candles became the light we were looking for and Shadowplay Tarot became the healing tool I've been called to share. Shadowplay Collective is the place where everything comes together. Here is where you'll be able to shop our products, check out our YouTube readings and get links to some of our other favorite small businesses to shop.
Did you know smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses?
Since childhood I've always felt deeply connected to certain smells that would trigger memories of times long forgotten. I remember when I realized certain smells made me think of good memories- I started making it a point to have a certain fragrance/candle/body splash (it was the 90's, ok!?) that I would purposely smell when something good happened. When I had a bad day I would go back and smell the scent and realized my little trick of lifting my spirits actually worked. This is when I realized the power of a scent when connected to the mind, then connects to the Heart.
I wanted each fragrance of Shadowplay candle's to have it's own mood, personality and energetic function. Our first collection consists of 9 different scents and colors, each thoughtfully created to assist you in different parts of your journey. Read more about each under their descriptions, we hope you fall in love with these as much as we have!
Shadowplay Collective - Magic made me do it.
N. Hollywood, CA
est. 2021