About Me

My name is Megan and I am an energy reader who uses Tarot and her psychic intuition to tune in to the world around. Specializing in energy readings for anyone who is currently feeling “stuck”, I'm here to translate messages meant to help you breakthrough and reach your highest potential and goals. I've been reading Tarot publicly for only three years but during that time I've gained a supportive community of friends and clients that come to me regularly for advice. Serving the community through Tarot is my passion! This is what lead me to start my YouTube channel, Shadowplay Tarot, where you can expect to come across a variety of topics covered as well as in-depth monthly horoscopes. With a background in Fashion and a lifelong passion for visual arts, I now enjoy expressing my creativity through my Tarot channel and candle shop. I'm a California native currently residing in Los Angeles with my Daughter and our hamster and baby turtle.
You can find my monthly written Horoscopes over on Happily Eva After!
Shadowplay Collective - Magic made me do it.
N. Hollywood, CA
est. 2021