Solstice Ritual Box

Solstice Ritual Box

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Our Summer Solstice kit comes with everything you need to set your intentions for the next 6 months. Our ritual candles are dressed, charged and ready for you to use!

  • Joy Ritual Candle - to bring in Fun + Relaxation 
  • Sunrise Ritual Candle - for new beginnings 
  • Selenite 
  • Palo Santo
  • Cube Candle Holder 
  • Matchbook 
  • Sticker
  • Intention cards for your candles 

Suggested Easy Ritual:

Take time during the Summer Solstice to connect with yourself. Try to find a place to sit and relax where you won’t be interrupted for atleast 30 mins.  To begin, cleanse your space with your Palo Santo. You do this by lighting the end of the palo santo and blowing out the flame when it’s visibly burning the wood. The sacred smoke is cleansing and you’ll want to wave it around your working area, yourself and space. As I relax I start thinking of the things I’m grateful for in my life. This helps not only raise my vibration but it also helps raise the vibration of the petition/prayer/intention I’m setting. For Summer Solstice I’ll be releasing energy as well as planting seeds for change. These are 2 different rituals that can be done simultaneously by writing down the intentions separately. Anything that needs to be released will be written on one paper and disposed of by tearing apart the paper and throwing it away or my preferred method- burning it instead. Any new beginning or thing I want to call in will be written on one of our intention cards and placed under the ritual candle as it burns. Before lighting your ritual candle, hold and connect to it. Send it good energy by thanking it for what it’s about to do for you! The candle holds magic, but it needs yours as well go really get it going! When you’re ready, light your candle and place your intentions beneath it. Burn time will be 3-4 hours on the ritual candles. It’s so important never to blow out your candles! They’re meant to be burned in 1 use but if you have to put it out, snuff it. Blowing your flame will blow your intention away!

*Use with caution. These candles hold power that will be returned to you, make sure your wishes are clear and well intentioned.