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Welcome to Shadowplay Tarot! Today we are asking We are doing a quick 1 card energy check in between you and all the other Zodiac signs! We got inspired by the uber funny and on point Tyler's Tarot here on YouTube! He does these are the end of his readings and we thought it would be fun to try out this format here. You'll have to let me know if you're into it! 😊 


00:57 Aries

05:08 Taurus

09:11 Gemini

12:36 Cancer

16:01 Leo

18:42 Virgo

21:13 Libra

24:09 Scorpio

26:48 Sagittarius

29:39 Capricorn

32:49 Aquarius

35:56 Pisces - I was a hot mess during your reading and accidentally called you Aries at one point! Are ya'll doing ok? 😂

Deck Used: Blacklight Tarot - https://www.tarotcollectibles.com/store/p159/Black_Light_Tarot.html

I hope these readings find you well and resonate with you! You'll know this message is for you if you feel connected while listening. I have found the Tarot to be such a comforting and useful tool throughout my life, it's my hope that you come across these messages when you need them the most. If you'd like to follow me along you can find me @shadowplaytarot on Instagram, you can currently book a personal reading be sending me a DM on IG.

SCAMMER ALERT: I do not whatsapp or will approach you in the comments offering a personal reading. There are SO many scammers right now trying to get money, please make sure you're communicating with me via DM's and the spelling is correct @shadowplaycollective

**Please note readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to take the place of professional advice of any kind including medical or financial advice**

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