Today's reading will be a look into the months of June/July 2021! Make sure to check out your Sun/Moon/Rising signs as well, timestamps are down below so you can scroll to your sign.

I hope these readings find you well and resonate with you! You'll know this message is for you if you feel connected while listening. I have found the Tarot to be such a comforting and useful tool throughout my life, it's my hope that you come across these messages when you need them the most. 

If you'd like to book a private reading, please DM on instagram @shadowplaytarot


01:09 Gemini

08:25 Cancer

16:20 Leo

22:53 Virgo

29:32 Libra

35:17 Scorpio

42:50 Sagittarius

49:04 Capricorn

54:24 Aquarius

01:01:07 Pisces

01:07:31 Aries

01:15:55 Taurus

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