Cord Cutting Kit
Cord Cutting Kit
Cord Cutting Kit
Cord Cutting Kit

Cord Cutting Kit

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This listing is for a kit to perform your own ritual

Hey Besties! Our Cord Cutting kit has landed! Don't be fooled by the size, this small kit is super powerful and charged with everything you need to help you along on your journey! All items come blessed and ready to use right out the box.

  • 2 Hand Dipped 4" Ritual Candles containing my homemade Pine Essential Oil
  • 100% Cotton Twine
  • 1 small bottle of my personal Protection Salt
  • 1 incense stick
  • Matchbook
  • Instructions for performing the Ritual
  • Packaged in a drawstring bag

The most important component of this ritual is, YOU HAVE TO BE READY for it to work.

 Want to cut cords with more than 1 person?

You can use the same kit and do a general cord cutting ritual, you do not need to purchase separate kits. Note that if you do use 1 kit for a specific person- that intention and spell will be stronger than a general cord cutting. 

I would suggest getting separate kits for stronger connections that need to be broken. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect people from the past to pop back up sometime in the following days/weeks after you perform the ritual. This is a sign that the spell is working. As long as you don't go back and re-establish contact just let the emotions and energy come and go. Over time you'll stop feeling this persons energy. If you re-establish contact, you will need to perform the cord cutting ritual again.